West Fork Jason Guide Service

Swingin’ Stones and Princes

These two patterns are intended to be swung with a small switch or one-handed rod.  I’ll be using them on the South Shore of Lake Superior tributaries when the season starts up soon.  I like this fly as it’s super easy to tie, and I don’t sweat about losing a few on the bottom.

First, make a chassis for the fly.  This is the same configuration for both the stonefly and the bushy prince nymph pictured above with the exception of the bead.  On this fly is a Hareline Plummeting Tungsten Bead, they are noticeably denser than others.  I use a standard long shank streamer hook for in the vice.  It doesn’t have to be anything special or expensive as the hook bend and point is removed with a wire cutter at the last step.  The business end hook is a 02408 Gamakatsu Octopus, I use size 2 and 4.  After looping through the hook eye, run Senyo’s Thin Intruder Trailer Wire up the hook shank towards the eye and secure with thread and Zap-a-Gap, let dry, then run back down the shank and secure again.  Trim off the excess wire.

Next tie in 2 or 3 pieces of Dyed Pearl Flashabou Accent and then cover with maribou.

Tie in brass wire and 1/8″ Dark Olive Scud Back

Make a dubbing loop of Dave Whitlock Dark Stone Nymph and wrap about 2/3 of the shank towards the eye.  Tie off the dubbing loop and then fold over scud back and wrap with brass wire.

Tie on the MFC Soft-Shell Stone Dark Medium and secure bead in the center of the soft plastic stonefly body.  Whip finish and add little Zap-a-Gap, then snip off the bend of the streamer hook and you’re done!  Some traditionalists might think this last step with soft plastics is cheating a bit, but hey…I’ll be out fishing and won’t give a shit about any of that nonsense!